Here you can find Helpie's written and pictorial user manual!

How do I get started?

"What is the right depth of HELP in the client's mouth?"

- HELPie is taken between the teeth in the mouth as deep as possible. Properly installed, it will never feel uncomfortable in your mouth.

Multipurpose HELPie

"Can HELPie be used in the X-ray?"

- Yes, the product does not create any X-ray. contrast. HELPie can also be used with Kofferdamin for example. If used like this, please ensure that the adapter cable is firmly in place.

"HELPie looks big, can it fit everyone?"

- The mouth is surprisingly large, for reference an adult's oral cavity can hold an egg. When correctly installed the HELPie fits snuggly. In our test group, an oral hygienist made a facing for a 12-year-old child with the help of an M-size HELPie.


“Does HELPie need to be washed or cold sterilized before use?

- No need. The product is delivered factory clean. If you drop the product on the floor, cold sterilization and rinsing will ensure HELPie is ready for use again.

"Can I use HELP again with the same client?"

- This is not recommended.

- HELPie can be washed in a disinfecting washing machine if the temperature does not exceed +125 degrees and can be cold sterilized with dedicated substances. When sterilized several times, the absorbent property of the disposable chewing aid will deteriorate over time.

"Can HELPs be sterilized?"

- No, the material supplier of HELPie does not guarantee the preservation of the product's properties during irradiation.

Problems and solutions

The position of the HELPie
"For some customers, I haven't immediately found the right position for HELPie. The customer has then corrected the position herself."

Good! The client is himself the best expert in his mouth. You can give him a tweak to HELPie!

HELPie features
"Could HELPie be stiffer? Customers sometimes bite it."

Dental care clients are so obedient that if they ask to be bitten by a chewing aid, they will also bite. It is a good idea to ask your teeth to rest comfortably and casually on the chewing gum

HELPie suction pipe
"The suction tube for the HELPie's stayed up in the customer's mouth and therefore didn't absorb enough."

It is advisable to tilt the HELPie road vertically so that the rear end of the suction pipe lowers. The mouths are individual and therefore HELPie has adjustment features

HELPie suction pipe
"The suction tube was too close to the arch / thorus."

The HELPie road can be moved sideways to create space. During the adjustment phase, ask the patient to relax the bite to get the HELPie to move

HELPie hose adapter
"The adapter hose came off during treatment."

The flexible hose is fixed by pushing and twisting. The hole in the suction pipe of the HELPie's is slightly conical, thus giving it grip. Please check that the suction hose does not become unnecessarily tight during treatment

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