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The risks of viruses and pandemics at the dentist and oral hygienist

HELPie® is an effective anti-virus tool, adding security for both the patient and dental professional

According to studies and recommendations, the dental suction device should be kept on and close to the area of operation THROUGHOUT THE PROCEDURE. Suction effectively removes bacteria, harmful aerosols and viruses from the air, e.g. COVID-19 as well as the aerosol cloud raised by the drill . HELPie® is a great solution to this problem as it has efficient and continuous suction that is on top of the treatment area all the time, it also frees the dentist's hands from holding the vacuum pump and retains a pleasant and quiet suction sound through out the treatment.

More research results PubMed link

PubMed link: Mitigating saliva aerosol contamination in a dental school clinic
Scroll down and select LinkOut-More resources; Full Text Sources ja PubMed Central

The website of the Department of Health and Welfare provides good expert guidance


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Flexible biteblock, tongue cone and suction - all in one product

HELPie allows dentists and dental hygienists to work alone as the patient’s mouth is kept open during the whole operation and the patient’s tongue remains clear from the working area, providing good access and visibility inside the patient’s mouth

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Fluid resistant tray for healthcare work. The construction of the tray keeps accessories and instruments in place

A fluid resistant tray for healthcare. An ergonomic stackable design. Size matches cabinets and units used in dental care.

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Sakula Arcalis

A spacious basin with a robust lid for healthcare - an updated version of the kidney dish

Does not absorb or leak, no sloping walls with splashing, stackable and light, a lid is also available

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