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Medrian Oy

Medrian is a Joensuu-based company that develops dental and healthcare equipment with 30 years of experience in medical care.
All of Medrian's products are high quality products designed and manufactured in Finland, they are based on innovations that renew operating methods in a more human-friendly direction from the perspective of both the user and the customer.
At the forefront of the company's product development is the dental care tool HELPie®, which makes the visit to the dentist more pleasant than before and can speed up the dental procedure by up to 30%. HELPie® has already been sold to more than 20 different countries.
HELPie toimintaympäristössään
The solution to a practical problem

The product development of HELPie® started with a real patient problem; could a visit to the
dentist be made more pleasant than it currently is? In her work, dental hygeinist Riitta
Pietarinen had come to the conclusion that she could, and she also had an idea of how that
would happen

North Karelian family business

Two years after the start of product development, Medrian Oy was established to sell and
market HELPie®. A year afer founding, Jari Hiltunen a partner of the founding parner Riitta,
with an long and successful backgrounf in sales became the company's CEO and co-founder.
The region of North Karelia where the company was founded is an important part of the
company's DNA and values, it was also a wonderful thing that the best know-how in product
development and manufacturing for HELPie® was also found in our own province

HELPie® functional model ready

HELPie® reached its final functional form and the first prototype-kits were manufactured. In
2015, HELPie® was chosen as one of Finland's three quality innovations

HELPie® world premiere in Dubai and honorable mention as a step forward in dentistry

In the beginning of the year, HELPie® was introduced to the world at the Dubai International
Dental Fair. In November of the same year HELPie® was introduced at Finland's largest
dental event, receiving an honorable mention as a “step forward in dental industry”

The product family is expanding

The HELPie® product family is designed in three different sizes Small, Medium and Large. The
products were color-coded to facilitate pattern identification. In addition, the disposable
treatment tray HELPtray, as well as the disposable treatment bowl Sakula Arcalis and its lid
were introduced and saw the light of day

2018 - 2019
Production is being developed to meet the global market

HELPie® production was further developed to be become cost effective and meet the global
market standards. Price and quality found an equilibrium.

The company base was further expanded and developed to meet the global availability requirements for the products.

The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down operations and reduced the listing of products in the
product portfolios of potential global distributors.

The company, production and products was brought into line with the new Medical regulations that took effect during the summer of 2021

In the summer of 2021, the new MDR regulation came into efect, which set new requirements for both the companies operating in the medical field, the manufacturer of products and the products themselves. Medrian Oy and the products were brought to a level that exceeds these requirements. Negotiating for distribution agreements continued with great interest for HELPie® around the world. Medrianshop.com online store opened and the product was made available for sales outside of Europe. November, HELPie® was re-introduced at the Apollonia Dental Days receiving a strong reception from participating professionals.

HELPie available to everyone

Products exceeded the requirements set forth in the new MDR regulation. The online store
Medrianshop.com was opened for Europe and the sales of our products was made available
globally. Negotiations continued for distributor agreements and listings in Finland and
several new negotiations started around the world.

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The two principal requirements for surgery but in my opinion in all the branches of dentistry, are Visibility and Assistance. The three factors needed for adequate Visibility are Access, Light and Field free of excess fluids. HELPie aid in each of them, creating a good access in the mouth, removing one of the main obstacles that is the tongue, and providing adequate working place since the mouth can remain open easily. Furthermore, the facilitating suction access, moved away from the operator, HELPs to create good illuminated and free of fluids field. The assistant is also happy since has a free hand (otherwise busy to keep the tongue away) to HELP with other operations. I have used several other mouth-openers during my carrier but HELPie in my opinion is the easiest, with repeatable utility and function so far. A big HELP in my practice. Would highly recommend it to every dentist, with no difference in their experience and qualification.