Medrian Oy

Medrian Oy was established in 2014, when dental nurse Riitta Pietarinen noticed the lack of a product which could facilitate dental care work. She began the design process for this new product and Medrian was created to sell and market this product.

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HELPie is a disposable product that facilitates dental work and saves time for dentists and dental hygienists. The product’s excellence is based on three functional features:

  • A flexible bite block which keeps the patient’s mouth open without feeling unpleasant.
  • The tongue cone. The tongue is directed away from the work area, without restricting its movement, as the tongue remains free to move within the cone. The cone also keeps the floor of mouth clear from the work area.
  • Powerful one-hole suction. The location of suction can be adjusted according to the situation.

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HELPie allows dentists and dental hygienists to work alone as the patient’s mouth is kept open during the whole operation and the patient’s tongue remains clear from the working area, providing good access and visibility inside the patient’s mouth.

Constant suction removes saliva and water from the mouth. The patient’s need for swallowing is reduced, thus making the operation more comfortable for the patient.

The bite block does not restrict swallowing, due to the flex feature which has been found to be very pleasant by the patients.

User experiences have shown that dentists have gained time savings of up to ten minutes per patient, allowing for efficient time management in registering patients, for example.

Suojapaikka kielelle

Kieli asettuu HELPiessä sille varattuun suojaan, eikä kielen seikkailuista tai instrumenttiin osumisesta tarvitse huolestua. Kielisuoja suojaa myös voimakkaan makuisten aineiden pääsyn kielelle.

Työergonomia paranee

HELPie mahdollistaa suuhun enemmän työskentelytilaa ja myös näkyvyys paranee. Etuosassa sijaitseva sormen tukipiste keventää työn kuormitusta toimenpiteen aikana.

HELPie is a disposable product and thus our customers can also save on equipment service costs as the product requires no service. The product can be disposed of through waste-to-energy methods.

HELPie also improves work ergonomics and provides benefits for almost all dentist and dental hygienist procedures.

Medrian worldwide team

Jari Hiltunen


+358 50 375 9888

Riitta Pietarinen


+358 50 546 8733

Heidi Ignatius

Executive Assistant

+358 50 300 0823

Toni Kontkanen

Production Manager

+358 44 341 9549

Jari Seikkula

Sales Manager

+358 40 069 0707

Siim Salme

Export Manager

+372 534 00030

Mikko Rannikko

Product Sales Trainer
Export Manager

+358 44 996 6927

Otto Kuivalainen

Export Manager

+358 50 338 3171

I have over 30 years of experience as general dental practitioner: I make fillings, protetics,dental extractions, treating gingival illnesses and malocclusions. I also treat patients with dental phobia under anaesthesia or sedation. My goal is a satisfied patient that comes back for treatment year after year. First patient treated at my own reception back in 1985 is still a regular.

I have used HELPie-biteblocks for my patients since November 2015. I use them mostly during longer sessions to ease jaw fatigue. I use HELPie also with patiets having problems keeping their mouth open for even shorter times. HELPie, due to its elasticity, allows patient to swallow during treatments, which gives more comfort to the patient. Even the most restless tongue finds its place in the tongue cone keeping away from the working area, hence easing the work of the dentist and dental nurse. I have noticed that HELPie relaxes patients with tendency to muscle tension, even so much that the relaxing effect stays even after HELPie is removed from the patient´s mouth. My dental nurse is glad that she does not have to use the power saliva suction in patient´s mouth nearly as often as without HELPie.

Licentiate of Dentistry, Hanna-Maija Saarimaa, Salo, Finland



The company's history goes back to 2012 when the company's owners conversing with other dental professionals awoke to work on the challenge , which is the world -wide had not been able to solve.