Medrian Oy (Ltd.)

Medrian is developing medical care products, and we have 30 years of experience with medical care work. The company's flagship is dental product HELPie, and it's sold in more than 20 countries. The business has quickly become international and its growht is expected to be very strong in the coming years. Medrian's production has the capacity to meet international demand.

Medrian is located in the capital of North Karelia in Joensuu. Medrian's business has a astrong nerwork of partners across the Northern Karelia region, and we are proud of that, because here we reach the best workmanship to produce HELPie and all our products.




dr The two principal requirements for surgery but in my opinion in all the branches of dentistry, are Visibility and Assistance. The three factors needed for adequate Visibility are Access, Light and Field free of excess fluids. HELPie aid in each of them, creating a good access in the mouth, removing one of the main obstacles that is the tongue, and providing adequate working place since the mouth can remain open easily. Furthermore, the facilitating suction access, moved away from the operator, HELPs to create good illuminated and free of fluids field. The assistant is also happy since has a free hand (otherwise busy to keep the tongue away) to HELP with other operations. I have used several other mouth-openers during my carrier but HELPie in my opinion is the easiest, with repeatable utility and function so far. A big HELP in my practice. Would highly recommend it to every dentist, with no difference in their experience and qualification.

Dr. Gurien Demiraqi